1. What rules apply for fishing in the lake?  

Fishing is permitted during the season 05.00 - 23.00 against a valid fishing license where the date must be written on the card. The fishing license is only valid for the date stated on the fishing license.

A maximum of 2 salmon-type fish may be taken per fishing license.

When spinning, the maximum weight of the lure / spinner is 7 grams.

When fly fishing, only one fly may be tied on the hook. Catch & Release may only be used as a method for fly fishing and the fisherman must use barbless single hooked flies. When two fish have been caught, the fishing is over. That is, C&R is not allowed either.

The perches in the lake SHALL be reintroduced, as it participates in a fishing project to try to get rid of all small carp and small carp in Lake Tollerup.

Caught carp must NOT be thrown back into the lake, but must be picked up and killed.

In the case of illegal fishing, the fisherman is reported to the police and the equipment is seized and a control fee of SEK 500 is charged.

2. Where may I buy a fishing license? 

We have sales of fishing licenses in three places. Frendo in Sösdala, Bakomflötet in Eslöv and Citygross in Höör. Read more Here 

3. When does the lake reopen after winter closure?

Usually we have a premiere sometime at the end of March or beginning of April. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will be updated continuously. 

4. How often do you stock fish?

Some things are a secret for good reasons. Fish are always released in the same volume as the number of fishing licenses.

5. Can I fish with wobblers in the lake?

In Lake Tollerup, lures weighing a maximum of 7 grams are permitted.

6. How do I become a member?

To become a member, fill in the form here.

7. What do I do if I get other kinds of fish than Trout and Rainbow?

If you catch carp (tench, roach, etc.), it must always be picked up and killed immediately.

If you get a Perch, it must always be returned carefully.