A fantastic lake in the middle of Skåne!


A real gem in the middle of Skåne

A short distance from highway 23 you will find Lake Tollerup, which offers a fantastic environment and fun fishing. In the lake there are both brown trout and rainbow trout. We stock the lake regularly and always match the number of visitors with the number of kilos of fish put in. If you're looking for a quiet moment in the stress of everyday life, you've come to the right place. Welcome! 

Fishing in the lake

Both spin fishing (maximum 7 gr) and fly fishing are permitted in the lake.

Both mayflies and caddisflies hatch at the lake, which can invite fantastic dry fly fishing for those who appreciate it.

If you want to know which fishing conditions apply, you will find more information here.

A place for everyone

Around the lake you will find a number of piers where X number are adapted for people with functional variations. At the parking lot, we have a Baja-Maja adapted for people with functional variations.

If you don't want to fish, there are very good opportunities here to just have a quiet moment in nature or why not grill a sausage by one of our fireplaces. On Saturdays we have so-called "uppass"

Highly valued nature

We on the board always strive to have a clean and nice environment around the lake and therefore would like everyone who visits us to help keep our nice environment nice.

Around and in the lake there are lots of life that also appreciate that we take our waste with us.

There is also a rich bird life with geese and ducks that live by the lake.


In order to reduce the stock of carp, the club has put in perch. If you catch carp, it must always be picked up and killed immediately. It is of the utmost importance that perch are released back in carefully as our long-term goal in planting them is to reduce the stock of carp in the lake.