The Club

A club that has existed for over 40 years

The club started in 1982 in Eslöv, hence the name Eslövs Havs- och Flugfisheklubb in the beginning. The main activity was above all sea fishing in the beginning, when the club started.

When the club later got the opportunity to have its own club lake, Lake Tollerup, in 1985, it became more focused on fly fishing. However, we still do a little sea fishing every year, mostly for sea trout and pike.

From annual meeting 2006-03-04, the club is now called Höörs Havs- och Flugfiskeklubb as Tollerupsjön is located in Höörs municipality. In the winter of 2006 - 2007, a fishery conservation project was carried out in Lake Tollerup, with the aim of removing the carp from the lake and removing as much sludge and sludge as possible. We also built new piers for the disabled, where the wood was donated to the club. Unfortunately, the club could not afford to do the whole lake at once, but the main objective was still clarified, as our goal was to remove more than 90% of the carp in the lake.

In the winter of 2015-2016, a complete renovation of Lake Tollerup was done. All permits were obtained, and Nebbhuset AB was hired to excavate the entire lake, after we emptied it of water. All the old docks were removed, and we made whole new docks all around the lake, except for our handicapped accessible docks which were still perfectly fine. We removed sly and debris, and felled trees together with Sveaskog to open up and remove any. dangerous trees. Here it was the board that did an absolutely fantastic job, and with a little help from a few individual members from the club.

The board

Mikael Olofsson
070 653 97 15 

V. Chairman
Per Karlsson
070 858 93 63 

Tobias Sjöholm
070 535 06 12 

Mikael Jormelius
070 556 27 30  

Mattias Palmqvist
070 226 39 74 

Johannes Landgren
070 966 20 94  

Mikael Nilsson
076 838 97 46  

Alma Hadzihasanovic
072 325 01 00 

Zaim Hadzihasanovic
070 779 39 90

Sales by the lake. 

Members who are interested in helping the board are welcome to get in touch here. 

For every sales session you complete, you get a free fishing license. 

The board of the Höörs Sea and Fly Fishing Club

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Sales of fishing licenses at the clubhouse are closed for the season. 

The lake is closed for the season.